Why do I blog?

Why do I blog?

Writing a blog is by no means an easy job. I embarked on my blogging journey a few years back. Though quite an irregular blogger, I resorted to blogging when creativity was at a high. But a few months back a temporary “unemployment” and a hectic day with kids lured me to blogging again. This time I was serious, boy, damn serious! I befriended some great bloggers and took some important decisions blogging wise. And one outcome of these encounters was me buying a website. Though toying with the idea since years, I finally took the plunge. But it was just the beginning. To be frank it catapulted the confidence in me as a blogger. Okay, so here I was with a website, what next?!!

It was then that I encountered the enemy that all writers dread, ‘the writer’s block’! I panicked, I who boasted of my blog to my loved ones, couldn’t get my hands on paper. I decided to take my time and peruse through blogs. What do bloggers write? I came across some really good ones and mind you, they gave me lessons in life too. I was caught red handed for my irresponsible and mismanaged life. So many things were not organised. So, how do I write about organising? Well, it led me to set many little goals in life. Goals to be immediately realised lest I go hay wire.

One such goal is to fight procrastination. I for one am a renowned procrastinator. As the saying by some great one, baby steps lead to elephant strides, I’m sorry if you haven’t heard it. Hence, I took some small baby but significant steps. And a rationalist as I am, I shall pen here only those activities undertaken by me that proved fruitful unto the end.

Here goes:

  1. Prioritise, prioritise and prioritise.

A lot of activities done and pending can bother you from the moment you are awake and moving. And especially so, if you are a working mother with two small kids and numerous chores household and otherwise up your sleeves. My advice, take a deep breath, count one to ten and try to be blank for a moment. And then, pen down things as they come to your mind. Number them according to your priority, you can even accord them colours like red, green and yellow(similar to triage). Then attack them one by one. Never multi task if you can help it. It reduces the quality of work done. No matter if your list isn’t accomplished at the end of the day; pat yourselves that you got the important tasks done with.

  1. Deep breathe, it works wonders.

Sometimes, you may haven’t worked out a exercise schedule or a meditation time for stress relief, No problem, just take a deep breath… Preferably in a spot in your home or workplace closest to nature, lest you shall inhale all the pollutants out there! Do a deep inhalation followed by holding of your breath for as long as you can, then slow exhalation tempered down to the count of ten.

  1. Learn to say ‘NO’!

To the world you may seem an ever obliging person who takes up all the problems with the readiness to tackle them, but little do they know and so do you, of how it saps the vital energy out of you. Stop thinking that you are ‘Atlas’. Know that the world will go on even after you pass out, sometimes in a better way! So next time, ready yourself with a polite ‘no’ to the pestering demands of friends out there.

  1. Do it Now or Never!

When something to be done crosses your mind, the best time to do it is now…I had been to Kashmir a few years back. The beauty of the place was breathtaking and I had made up my mind to pen a travel account extolling the sheer beauty of Kashmir and its country men. But on reaching my hometown, I was drowned in errands that made me postpone the idea, and I regret to say that several beautiful memories have faded out, no matter how hard I try to remember. Even the titbits that I had scribbled on my travel notepad makes no sense now. Some lessions are better learned the hard way though!

That’s all folks. I write now for self improvement, sharing titbits I hope shall help people in similar situations. Too short or incomplete it may seem, but I write only what I have accomplished so far. Do wait patiently for more next week…till then good luck on fighting procrastination.











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  1. AJourney for thousand miles starts with the first step. To have started is half the way. Go on gayatri…. Behind you.

    1. Oh, thanks a lot dear sir, in this journey as I travel nimble footed, ur words add strength to my steps…

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