A Call to action for Young Public health experts….

The Challenges faced by Public Health……. A Call to action for Young Public health experts….

Every year a lot of public health professionals are being churned out with varying degrees of experience from institutions all over India. But are we achieving our goal’s end? We should be dreaming and living in a society with an upgraded public health system where any person can boast of an easy access to health facilities without any hiccups. And, all citizens shall be able to lead healthy and productive lives without an exception.

Though we have plenty of national programmes addressing each domain of health and disease, it remains to be seen if we are going in the right direction. Plenty of barnacles exist at the grass root level, but the waves of accomplishment seen in our targets, sweep over them without actually removing them. Peripheral health workers face a multitude of problems which are heard out in conferences and meetings over tea and biscuit but, little is being done to probe into the issues.

History shows that pioneers in public health have aimed at improving social determinants of health to ensure a lasting impact in the health sector. It is by this simple yet mammoth task that they could manage to keep communicable diseases at bay and focus their attention on other developmental activities of the nation.

We are enthusiastic in holding conferences at state, national and international levels and speak volumes about existing decay in health system, and achieving best papers for exposing the fallacies that exist within. Amidst all the glitterati, it would do good if each young graduate in public health also brings forth some solution for problems he/ she comes across during research. Interventional research should be given weightage. Small, enthusiastic action oriented groups should be created by young minds in public health. This can be facilitated by the use of social media, which now gives more importance to jokes and merriment. Rome was not built in a day. If all the young vibrant minds in public health care to give a dime to betterment of our health system, the vision of a healthy India would not be so distant a dream…..

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  1. This is a very apt message for the time Gayathri.. You've pointed out the real problem that the stream of public health itself is facing in the country.It's time we had well concerted action from public health experts to better apply the subject

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