lead kindly light….

My friend lent me the light
That was her right, not mine
Her tender touch emboldened me 
And awoke me from darkness
The breeze that followed and the giggles that ensued
Jerked me into the world, the world of beauty
The fragrance of blooms, caught my sniffs
And melodies of time. caught my ears
From the smooth sand slithering through my fingers
And the soft tender lamb warm with life
From the freshness of the springs and the warmth of the camp fire
My friend, she taught me all i had to know
Till one day came, when thunder and lightning slit the sky
Giving away to giant tear drops
I held my hand out to her, but no one came
not my pal…………and slowly i sensed the gloom
The gloom that overshadowed me
And told me of the sinister face of light
The face that i never had known….